Welcome to GiantLands™!

A new role-playing game & live-action world coming to Wisconsin!

How does it work?

GiantLands™ is a new Role-Playing Game and Live-Action World created by James M. Ward co-designer of TSR's Dungeons & Dragons, Gamma World & so much more, and game director Stephen E. Dinehart. Once we launch our Kickstarter campaign you'll be able to pre-order a stater set. Meanwhile you can pledge your support on Patreon using the links below and start getting access to exlusive perks and content.

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Creative Team

Our team has collectively been making games for over 100 years! From titles like "Dungeons & Dragons" and "Gammaworld" to PS4 games and lands for theme parks like "Super Nintendo World".

James M. Ward

Design Partner

Stephen E. Dinehart IV

Game Director

Larry Elemore

Cover Artist


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A New Form of RPG

What is GiantsLands™ ?

Role-Playing Games Reborn

Yep. We said it, we're taking RPGs to the next level with classic game design talent, and right here in Wisconsin! Birthplace of TSR and the form itself with Chainmail, Dungeons & Dragons,  and of course Gammaworld.

Not a LARP

We love LARPs but this isn't a larp, it's a tabletop game and live-action world, that you can play at home, events and eventually in park.

Immersive Mixed-Reality Live-Action World

Even these buzz words can't even describe what we're doing, but mostly it takes imagination and a willing player ready to step into another world.

Frequently Asked Questions

GiantLands is just getting started, here as some answers to common questions. Feel free to contact us with more!

What is GiantLands?

GiantLands is a game, like a table-top role-playing game that you can play at home with your friends and at official events, eventually the park itself.

How do I get involved?

You are off to a great start! Supporting us on Patreon is a great next step as even a dollar helps us bring this dream closer to reality. Then spread the word! If you need more, feel free to contact us.

Is this acutally a themepark?

Not yet, but everytime you share and support our team and vision you help us get one step closer to making it happen.

Where can I find out about events?

The best way to get involved is to sign up and support us on Social. Our first kickoff event is at Gen Con 2019.

When do you launch?

This fall we launch a Kickstarter and the boxed-game will be available in the Spring of 2020. Our current goal is to open the park spring of 2022. Meanwhile you can still get involved and start playing the game at home and at events when it launches.

Where can I learn more?

As we get closer to launch we'll continue to release what we can when we can. Sign-up or pledge to gain early-acess content.