Who Will You Become?

GiantLands® is a science fantasy roleplaying game, & immersive game world created by Wonderfilled, Inc.
What is GiantLands?

GiantLands is a New Kind of Game

Table-top & Live-Action Play

Our game helps you step in a fantasy world where you get to reinvent yourself in a near-future settting after a great cataclysm.

Stories & Adventures

Have grand adventures, co-create new stories, new possibilities, and new ways of being in a future where anything is possible!

A Mixed-Reality Theme Park

Play at home, at offical events,  first in the virtual theme park, and in the near future offline in a smart, mixed-reality game park!

Frequently Asked Questions

GiantLands is just getting started, here are some answers to common questions. Feel free to contact us with more!

What is GiantLands?

GiantLands is an old school inspired science fantasy roleplaying game direced by Stephen E. Dinehart and  made by classic RPG talent like Gary Gygax Jr, James, M. Ward, Penny Williams, Larry Elmore, Jeff Dee, and more! It can be played both as a traditional tabletop RPG and a live action roleplaying game. GiantLands live events combine tabletop roleplaying, cosplay, and cutting edge technology to create new kinds of immersive experiences that blur the line between fantasy and reality.

How do I get involved?

You are off to a great start! Our 1st Edition Boxed Set is a guide to understand how to begin stepping into this future setting. When you create a character, and begin to imagine having adventures in GiantLands you're half way there! Spread the word by following on Social, Liking and Sharing out content! If you need more, feel free to contact us. You can also learn to run the game and we're happy to support you! Please send a message if you'd like to run GiantLands at your conferefnce or event!  

Is this actually a theme park?

We perfer to call it a "game park". We first announced the GiantLands park in 2022 and continue in development on it.  It will be a game park for everyone, with a new generation of interactive and immersive game-based experiences that reimagines what it means to be a theme park. Begging the question “Who will you become?” guests are invited to imagine their future selves and to live out the fantasy in the park. Were currently aiming at opening a permament site in 2030! Please follow alone on Social.

Where can I find out about events?

The pandemic stopped our live events, first with Gen Con 2020, and we have yet to restart them.   We do play games virtually from time to time and GiantLands is being run at conferences, sometimes by our team. We're a small team and we do our best! Follow us on Social media for updates, invites, tickets info and more (links are above and below).

When do you launch?

We already have, thanks to our fans. The core game is now for sale at local hobby shops worldwide and direct at WFD.gamesWe officially announced the project at GenCon 2019, ran a succesful Kickstarter later that year, and began shipping directly to players in December 2021. In early 2024 we are releasing a core rules compedium and the first offical adventure module "The Broken Road". The GiantLands park is also under development.

Where can I learn more?

Follow along on Social @GiantLands. If you search "GiantLands" on Google you can find some of our Press Releases or follow along on Social Media. Links can be found below and above by clicking on the small grey icons.