Who Will You Become?

GiantLands is a new role-playing game & live-action world by James M. Ward & Stephen E. Dinehart with an intro by E. Gary Gygax Jr. from Wonderfilled, Inc.
What is GiantLands?

GiantLands is a New Kind of Game

Live-Action Play

Our game helps you step in a future world where you get to be who ever you want in a near-future settting after a great cataclysm.

Stories & Adventures

Live out fantastic adventures and co-create new stories, new possibilities and new ways of being in a future where anything is possible!

A Land of Giants at Home & Events

Play at home, events at your favorite conventions and at a GiantLands Park location, coming soon to a place near you!

Our Creative Team

Our team at has collectively been making games for over 200 years! From classic games like 'Dungeons & Dragons' and 'Laser Tag', video games like 'F.E.A.R.', 'Prey', and theme parks like 'Super Nintendo World' and 'Evermore Park'.

Stephen E. Dinehart IV

Game Director

James M. Ward

Game Designer

Penny Williams

Lead Game Editor

E. Gary Gygax Jr.

Creative Supervisor

Larry Elmore

Cover Artist

Josh Diffey

Lead Artist

Rolph Mohr

Concept Artist

Royce Grayson


Michael Allen Sue


Jeff Dee


Xan Holt


Steve Ince


Frequently Asked Questions

GiantLands is just getting started, here are some answers to common questions. Feel free to contact us with more!

What is GiantLands?

GiantLands is a game created by Wonderfilled Inc., like a table-top role-playing game that you can play at home with your friends and at official events, eventually the park itself. It combines imagination, tabletop role-playing, cosplay and cutting edge technology to create a new kind of immersive experience.

How do I get involved?

You are off to a great start! Ordering our game is a great next step as evey a dollar helps us bring this dream closer to reality. Then spread the word by following on Social, Liking and Sharing out content! If you need more, feel free to contact us.

Is this actually a theme park?

Not yet, but everytime you share and support our team and vision you help us get one step closer to making it happen. We currently have events planned as we scale-up to a proper park.

Where can I find out about events?

Follow us on Social media for updates (links are above and below). Our next big event is at GaryCon 2022. More info at garycon.com

When do you launch?

We kicked it off at GenCon 2019 and just had our first playtest at GameholeCon.  The boxed-game will be available in the Fall of 2021, with our live-action events kicking of in 2022. The GiantLands park is also under development.

Where can I learn more?

Follow along on Social @GiantLands. If you search "GiantLands" on Google you can find some of our Press Releases or follow along on our Social Media accounts. Links can be found below and above by clicking on the small grey icons.